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Eye Tests

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Regular sight tests are really important. It is recommended that people should get their eyes tested every two years unless advised by an optometrist to have them tested more frequently. Eye examinations are essential for clear, comfortable vision and they are an important health check too - our optometrist checks the health of your eyes and can find indications of other medical conditions.

An eye test takes about 30 minutes and once your eye test has been completed our friendly team will help you choose the right glasses. An eye test costs £20 (paid at the time of the appointment). You may be able to claim this back via your health care or employer. We have a wide range of frames and lenses available and we will help you choose the correct frame and lenses for your prescription to ensure you love your new specs and they are comfortable to wear! 

Contact Lenses

We're excited to provide our customers with a full end-to-end eyewear offering. This now includes the sale of contact lenses in-store at all of our UK-wide boutiques, provided you already have a valid contact lens prescription. If you would like to trial contact lenses or require a contact lens check-up, these appointments are available at every boutique except OQ Canary Wharf.