Whale Conservation with Lizzie Daly

Whale Conservation with Lizzie Daly

Last month, Ollie Quinn was given the opportunity to support the making of a film about the impact of climate change on the local whale population in Norway.

Needless to say, we jumped at it! 

BBC Wildlife and Nat Geo presenter, Lizzie Daly, and videographer George Morris (also of BBC, Channel 4, and Vice among others) went out to Norway to document what could be one of the last whale migrations in the area. Their film is in the works and we'll be sure to notify you once it's out - but lucky for us and for you, they grabbed some incredible content that we can share with you today.

Here's a brief introduction from Lizzie about the project: 

And here's the incredible footage we promised: 

We can't wait to do more projects like this in the future, stay tuned to the blog for our next endeavour... 

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Frames in the video: Martel and James