Meet Martel

Meet Martel

Its classic shape, dynamic detailing and universal fit make it a go-to accessory
for creative souls with that go-getter hustle.

Always up for an adventure, Martel joined us for a spin around some of our favourite spots over in Victoria, Canada.



First stop: A glimpse at some impressive architecture in the calming atmosphere of the new Atrium building.

Home to one of Victoria’s newest cafes, Sherwood, this hang-out is quickly becoming a fave spot for mid-day coffee, evening cocktails and weekend brunch.



From there, we meandered down the alleyway behind Il Terrazzo, a downtown dinner destination serving Vic’s best Italian fare.

Crawling up the red brick walls of the restaurant’s back alley, flowered vines scented the way.



Around the corner, we found Hey Happy. A sunny coffee shop on Lower Johnson - and the perfect end to our date with Martel.


Photography by Bryanna Gillespie,
Photographer & OQ Victoria Manager

Model: Christian Maradiaga