Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses


Are you spending too much time in front of a computer screen? 

Are your eyes tired from the relentless blue glow of your browser? Is dark mode just not cutting it anymore?

We have the cure to your zoom call woes… BLUE LIGHT FILTER GLASSES!


What is blue light?

The spectrum of visible light is arranged from low energy to high energy. Blue light (as well as violet and indigo light) has a short wavelength and higher energy than other colours of light. This is why this part of the spectrum is known as "high energy visible light" or HEV. 

Being outdoors is where you’ll get most of your blue light - and this is good! It’s what gives us our natural sleeping and waking rhythms. 



That doesn’t sound like a problem… 

True! High energy light is good when you want to stay awake during the daytime. However, the problem comes when the sun goes down but the screens stay on. Your digital screens emit this same type of high energy blue light, convincing your mind and body that your computer is some sort of second sun. This disrupts your sleeping rhythms and can cause - you guessed it - sleeping problems. 

Our blue light glasses filter out this high energy light leaving you with the freedom to zoom, Netflix, or study into the evening without risking your precious beauty sleep. 

What about UV Light?

UV light can be very dangerous, to both our skin and eyes. That's why our blue light filter glasses also block out all UV light.

Will blue light filter glasses protect me from eye disease?

There is insufficient evidence to suggest that blue light from digital screens leads to any sort of eye disease, and no evidence to suggest that a blue light filter on your glasses protects you from these diseases. 

You can read the AOP's full statement about blue light filtering glasses here.

*This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts. This offer ended September 2020.